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Recovering from Alcohol by Linda Hansen

Hi. My name is Linda Hansen and I am sharing a piece I wrote about my recovery from alcohol. April is Alcohol Awareness Month. I know many people struggle with alcohol addiction. No one knows how difficult it is to have this problem more than the person experiencing it. I had tried quite a few […]

2018 – Supported Employment Year in Review

If you ask anyone on the IPS team to define success for this program, you’d probably get a lot of different kinds of answers. Is it the number of clients who found jobs? Is it hearing a story of a client who’s mental health was improved after starting work? What about a client who overcame […]

Chrysalis 2018 Success Celebration

Chrysalis had their 4th annual Success Celebration on November 30th, 2018. This year’s celebration was held at a new location, the Goodman Community Center. With the new looks, came new ideas. Each table had a flower vase centerpiece from the For the One Who Finds Me campaign. This campaign revolves around putting flowers throughout the […]

Last Days in Japan: Tokyo

Our time in Japan is coming to an end. We are here in Tokyo to enjoy the sites and have one last meeting. We had the great privilege to talk with Dr. Ito and his staff at the National Institute of Mental Health of Japan and his staff about the benefits of incorporating peer specialists within mental […]

Day 4 & 5: Obihiro

Our last days in Obihiro were spent visiting Miyajima Farms, a cooperative community just under an hour outside of Obihiro. The farm was started by a Nozomu Miyajima who got his dairy science degree in Madison and worked in a farm just outside of the city. His farm has award winning cheeses (that we luckily got to sample)! The […]

Day 2 & 3: Obihiro

The last two days have been jam packed with site visits. We have meet many interesting people who are doing some really great thing in the city of Obihiro. Everyone is excited to share information about their programs. This morning was particularly interesting. We met with a newly formed Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team. We […]

Day 1: Obihiro

We made it to Obihiro! Since arriving this afternoon it has been a whirl wind of events. We have visited a group home, referral center, agricultural employment site, I gave a presentation on IPS, visited a cookie production employment site, and was interviewed by the local paper. Below are a series of photos from Day 1.

Tentative Japan Schedule

In just a few short days I will be leaving Madison and be traveling to Obihiro Japan to visit with different mental health treatment providers. Our trip guide, Jo Oyama Miller, just sent out a tentative schedule for our visit. We also have a final list of who will be making this trip. Ed Erwin […]

Japan Tickets Booked!

A delegation of Madison mental health providers will be traveling to Obihiro, Japan, May 5 – May 15, to learn about different mental health practices and other cultural topics. We will be visiting inpatient hospitals, outpatient settings, employment programs and collective communities. I am very excited to be representing Chrysalis as part of this delegation and look forward […]