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Leadership at Chrysalis

By Alysha Clark If you work for Chrysalis, you will hear the leadership at Chrysalis being referred to as the “Leadership Team.”  Chrysalis has five women in leadership positions including Dani Rischall-Executive Director,  Alysha Clark-Assistant Director , Amy Holste- Human Resource Director, Amy Yonker- Supported Employment Supervisor, and Kathy Ziegert- Service Facilitation and Clubhouse Supervisor.   […]

Impressions of the Clubhouse International USA Conference 2020

By Clubhouse Members Erik and Brent Our names are Erik and Brent and we are Chrysalis consumers and founding members of the Chrysalis Clubhouse. We are here to share our experience of the Clubhouse International USA Conference that took place on October 8-9, 2020 to learn more about the Clubhouse model and how Clubhouses function.  […]

Learning About Your Mental Health Through The Holiday Season

By Candace Berger For this Blog, I interviewed a couple of people for the Holiday Season. Hopefully you will get inspired and learn about maybe your mental health through these two individuals. The first one I chose to interview was Kurt Stapleton. He is an employee with Chrysalis and has insight into his mental health. […]

Vocational Peer Support

By Alysha Clark Throughout this Pandemic, you may have experienced a time when you broke down, experiencing a very dark moment.  When you were able to share this with another person, they saw you….the whole you and didn’t try to fix it but rather listened and sat with you in your pain. If you have […]

The Great American Smokeout and the Chrysalis Wellness Initiative: Tobacco Tackle

By Hilleary Reinhardt Today we celebrate “The Great American Smokeout” put on by the American Cancer Society. Chrysalis takes a holistic approach towards mental health recovery, focusing on individual’s entire lives, including mind, body, spirit, and community and understands the impact that tobacco use and smoking has on the whole person. We at Chrysalis want […]

The Awesomeness of Autumn

By Scooter Killary and Colleen O’Brien This time of year has so many opportunities to look out and enjoy the views.  We were reflecting on our favorite parts of the season and felt inspired to share some things that give us happiness. Looking around at all the signs of the season, makes us feel connected […]

Self-Care Tips

By Candace Berger The reason why I decided to write about this topic at this time is because we are heading into the fall and winter months where we don’t get out as much. This can cause a low energy and depression to get worse. Here are some tips to utilize for self-care: Take a […]