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Chrysalis Caterpillars Stick Together

By Colleen O’Brien and Scooter Killary Dynamic duo Scooter and Colleen here. Since us Chrysalis caterpillars have to stick together, we wanted to share a message of hope. This may be a difficult time, but we can not give up. We can stay healthy and hopeful by putting time aside for things that make us […]

Tips for Coping in the Pandemic

By Candace Berger This blog is intended to help you relax and be safe. Now “The Five Senses Tips” is to help to bring you back to the present if you find yourself dissociating. These also help when you find you are worrying about things in your life. It will help distract you from worrying. […]

Hats off to our essential workers!

By Jean Bissell A month ago I shopped at a very large grocery store at 6 a.m. for seniors and the immunocompromised.  I put on my mask and brought  my hand sanitizer convinced there would be a small crowd as it was very early in the morning.  What I found was a full parking lot […]

Be your pandemic best.

By Hilleary Reinhardt The first weekend we were practicing social distancing, I decided to make a list of things I wanted to accomplish during the time we would be home due to COVID19. By the end of week two, I had not accomplished one of those many tasks I told myself I would do. I […]

2,346 Days Sober 24 Hours at a Time

By Jen King Don’t isolate! This was a fair warning I heard often when I was getting sober, “stay connected, stay in the middle, go to lots of meetings!” This has worked for me to stay sober for over six years, but what happens when a pandemic comes to town and I am told to […]

Alcohol Awareness Month – Jessica’s Story

By Jessica Perez I remember making the call as if it were yesterday except it was twenty six years ago. It was the night before Mother’s Day and I was looking for my mother. I had called the last number she gave me however the man from the halfway house said she had moved out. […]

Alcohol Awareness Month – Alysha’s Story

By Alysha Clark April is Alcohol Awareness month- a month to talk about the stigma and shame that can come with alcoholism.  When I personally thought about this month, I thought about what it would be like to ‘out’ myself. Some people know that I have struggled with alcoholism but may not know how recently […]

Navigating a Racial and Global Pandemic, COVID-19

By Brook Landeo Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave us some language around what to call the global virus, SARS-CoV-2, that continues to impact us all. This organization shared the acronym, “COVID-19” that stands for Coronavirus disease of 2019, which is the disease caused by the virus. The few times that I allowed […]

8 Self-care Apps to Aid in Recovery

By Andrew Lopez Mental health challenges can be overwhelming for many individuals even when their receiving the benefits of medication and work with mental health professionals. While mental health services in medications help greatly utilizing natural supports and self-care methods is an essential part of recovery for many individuals. Self-care can be very tricky though […]

2019 Success Chrysalis Celebration

By Alysha Clark While walking into the Goodman Center for our Annual Success Celebration, I would have never dreamed of the participation and inspiration that came out of it.  Each year, Chrysalis hosts a Celebration of Success to recognize the successes of the Consumers, Staff, and Chrysalis. We also have staff available to serve delicious […]