Vocational Peer Supports

The peer specialist movement embodies Chrysalis’ strengths-based perspective. Vocational Peer Supports give persons with mental illnesses the opportunity to use their unique set of recovery experiences in combination with solid skills training to support peers along their individual vocational journey.

Chrysalis Vocational Peer Specialists are responsible for providing direct support services to peers within the community.  Vocational Peer Specialists help to facilitate a positive and appropriate work environment and provide coaching and encouragement for peers who are working on their goals. Vocational Peer Specialists perform a wide range of tasks to assist peers in regaining control over their own lives and be part of their own recovery process. Vocational Peer Specialists function as role models demonstrating techniques in recovery and in ongoing coping skills through:

  • Assisting consumers in obtaining services that suit that individual’s recovery needs
  • Teaching problem solving techniques
  • Teaching consumers how to identify and combat negative self-talk and how to identify and overcome fears
  • Assisting consumers in building social skills in the community that will enhance integration opportunities
  • Lending their unique insight into mental illness and what makes recovery possible
  • Attending treatment team and crisis plan development meetings to promote consumer’s use of self-directed recovery tools
  • Informing consumers about community and natural supports and how to utilize these in the recovery process
  • Assisting consumers in developing empowerment skills through self-advocacy and stigma-busting activities

Get connected!

At this time, all individuals interested in Vocational Peer Supports must be connect to Medicaid funding through Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) or Community Recovery Services (CRS). To learn more about how to receive services from a Chrysalis Vocational Peer Specialist please contact Peer Specialist Supervisor, Alysha Clark at 608-256-3102 or clark@workwithchrysalis.org.