• Rhubarb Ginger
  • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Strawberry Lemon
  • Cold Brew Coffee w/Salted Vanilla
  • Cucumber Mint w/Lime
  • Raspberry Basil
  • Spiced Cranberry Apple

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Our Story

Chrysalis has a long history of providing innovative, effective and empowering, vocational mental health services. The current Chrysalis models, IPS and Peer Support embody the belief that every individual has the right to be an active member of their community. Chrysalis Pops supports this mission.

In 2016 staff recognized that it was time to incorporate a different approach to the Chrysalis service array. While getting individuals connected to competitive work in the community was successful for 50-60% of participants, this meant that nearly half of the individuals receiving Chrysalis services were not reaching their work goals. Staff also realized that some individuals were not even voicing their work goals due to fear of failure or lack of self-esteem.

Chrysalis Pops offers individuals the opportunity to gain meaningful, paid work experience while producing and selling local, organic fruit pops.

Chrysalis Pops employees are fully supported by Employment Specialists. During work shifts individuals learn on the job skills, address mental health challenges and develop future competitive employment goals. Following the Chrysalis Pops season all employees will have the opportunity to transition into the Chrysalis Supported Employment program.


Our goal is that within one year of working with Chrysalis Pops 75% of the individuals involved with transition into competitive employment placements. In addition to these employment outcomes, Chrysalis Pops will work to address community mental health stigma and access to local, organic produce.

Partnerships & Awards

The success of Chrysalis Pops is contingent on support from community members. Below is list of individuals and organizations that have provided Chrysalis Pops with the seeds (both literal and figurative!) to grow.