Chrysalis promotes mental health and substance use recovery in our community by supporting work opportunities that encourage hope, healing and wellness.


Chrysalis envisions a community where everyone belongs. A community that is free from stigma, rooted in racial and social justice. This community is one where:

  • wellness and recovery are possible
  • work, education, and purpose are recognized as integral to recovery
  • everyone has access to peer support and holistic, equitable mental health and substance use services, and
  • diverse lived experiences and strengths are celebrated

We Believe

  • Work is recovery. 
  • Recovery is a process. 
  • In person-centered services. 
  • Everyone deserves dignity. 
  • People are constantly growing and evolving. 
  • Everyone is a learner, everyone is a teacher. 
  • Systemic oppression of marginalized communities is real and it is our responsibility to create a more inclusive environment.

We Resolve to

  • Actively listen. 
  • Lift each other up. 
  • Reduce stigma. 
  • Promote trust in the workplace. 
  • Embrace conflict and grow from it. 
  • Have a staff that is representative of our community. 
  • Take action to support social justice in our work. 
  • Bring joy and celebration into this work.

Agency History

Chrysalis, Inc. has been serving the Madison community since 1980 as a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The founders wanted to avoid following a trend at the time, that was to provide mental health support in sheltered workshops. These founders believed that real-life experiences were more powerful and lasting than those consisting of isolated and confined interactions. Therefore, the Chrysalis Supported Employment and Vocational Peer Support Programs emerged and, to this day, Chrysalis focuses on providing community-based vocational support services.

About Chrysalis

Chrysalis is governed by a board of directors and has seventeen employees. Chrysalis has an operating budget of $1,250,000. Chrysalis provides vocational support services to over 250 Dane County residents with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Chrysalis is funded by Dane County Department of Human Services, the Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Community Shares of Wisconsin and community donors. 87% of all funds go directly to program-related costs.

Please visit our Donations page to learn more about our financial and in-kind donation needs.

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