A Short Blog About My Heartfelt Appreciation for Chrysalis Clubhouse & Chrysalis

Submitted by Brent West, Chrysalis Community member

I have been given so much from the work that staff here have done with and for me since 2016, when I first began utilizing Chrysalis’ services. My quality of life has changed for the better in significant ways in the last eight years.

I feel that I am and have been supported by so many of the staff here in important ways. I have developed more autonomy as a result. I know firsthand that one of the most difficult parts of struggling with mental illness and substance abuse is the potential loss of autonomy that one may tend to face when dealing with it. I know that mental illness can cause a person to have a diminished view of their hopes and dreams.

At Chrysalis, and within the Chrysalis Clubhouse, I am typically reminded of my strengths. People appreciate me here. That is huge.

Sometimes in my social network, outside of Chrysalis, my relationships aren’t nearly as healthy. But I learn through my recovery about boundaries. The beauty of boundaries in relationships is that I can ask for what I want in relationships, and I get to choose what to do when these requests aren’t met in my relationships. When people know my boundaries, they can better meet me where I am.

Remember this: It is always okay to ask people to treat you in the way you want to be treated.