Social and Racial Justice Values in Action

Change Team

The Chrysalis Change Team is a multiracial, intercultural, cross-role committee embedded in the organization with the vision of continually moving Chrysalis forward in living its mission fully, both internally and externally, by creating and disseminating:

  • models for equitable relationships
  • safe spaces for disagreement and consensus
  • recognition of a dominant culture and power dynamics, as well as
  • inclusionary practices

Equity Statement

Chrysalis is dedicated to providing inclusionary practices that promote systemic and personal transformation within our organization, and among those we serve and the larger community. Chrysalis acknowledges that the people we serve experience systemic barriers when it comes to income, education, mental health treatment, unemployment, and incarceration. All of these barriers are a result of and contribute to inequity, unearned privilege, and unequal access to opportunities in our community. Chrysalis recognizes that such systems are white-centered, patriarchal, heteronormative, and that we all have individual biases that are informed by these systems.

Consumer Advisory Committee

The Chrysalis Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) started in 2018 to give Chrysalis service participants the opportunity to provide valuable input to help guide their services, the agency, and the mental health system. In addition to providing feedback, CAC members also gain work and leadership skills, confidence, purpose, and community. 

CAC members participate in monthly meetings and are compensated for their time. CAC members sit on agency committees to further support efforts to decrease the stigma of mental illness and bring our community together.