Supported Employment, Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Chrysalis believes that every person with a mental illness is capable of working competitively in the community with the right kind of support and job. Chrysalis services follow Individual Placement and Support (IPS), Dartmouth’s model of evidence-based supported employment. The goal is to help individuals find and maintain competitive, community-based employment that matches their individual skills, interests, and abilities.

Individuals work with one designated Employment Specialist through their entire employment process from intake to long-term support. To best adhere to the principles of IPS; which emphasizes an integrated approach to employment services, individuals interested in employment services must be connected to one of the following mental health teams (Gateway CSP, Community Treatment Alternatives, Community Intervention Team, SOAR, FLYY, RISE, and GROW CCS).

To Participate

The only criteria to participate in our program is that you must be connected to one of the mental health treatment teams listed above. If you are eligible, our Employment Specialists will work with you on an individual basis to develop a plan of how we can best support you in your employment process.

Goal of IPS Supported Employment

IPS Supported Employment is an approach to vocational rehabilitation for people with serious mental illnesses that emphasizes helping people obtain competitive work in the community and providing the supports necessary to ensure their success in the workplace. Individuals are offered help finding and keeping jobs that capitalize on their personal strengths and motivation.

Evidence Based Principles of IPS

  • Eligibility is based on individual choice.
    No one is excluded because of prior work history, hospitalization history, substance use, symptoms, or other characteristics. No one is excluded who wants to participate.
  • Supported employment is closely integrated with mental health treatment.
    Employment specialists meet frequently with the mental health treatment team to coordinate plans.
  • Competitive employment is the goal.
    The focus is community jobs anyone can apply for that pay at least minimum wage, including part-time and full-time jobs.
  • Job Search starts soon after a consumer expresses an interest in working.
    There are no requirements for completing extensive pre-employment assessment and training, or intermediate work experiences (like pre-vocational work units, transitional employment, or sheltered workshops).
  • Follow-along supports are continuous.
    Individualized supports to maintain employment continue as long as the consumer wants assistance.
  • Individual preferences are important.
    Choices and decisions about work and support are individualized based on the person’s preferences, strengths, and experiences.
  • Benefits counseling is part of the employment decision-making process.
    Personalized benefits planning and guidance help consumers to make informed decisions about job starts and changes.

“I like the flexibility at Chrysalis. Staff consistently treat me respectfully and are really flexible and laid back. The staff I work with really go the extra mile for me.” – Chrysalis Participant

For more information about how to participate in our Supported Employment program, please contact Chris Kittoe at