Chrysalis Clubhouse

The Chrysalis Clubhouse is a place where people with mental health challenges come to build relationships, work on employment and education goals, and support their individual recovery process. The Chrysalis Clubhouse welcomes people with different abilities, and is an inclusive non judgmental environment. We are a community of individuals who share our experiences, struggles, and tips with mental health and substance use challenges to assist in our recovery.

The Chrysalis Clubhouse adds to the Chrysalis service programs by offering a space for members to build friendships and skills, get and give support, share ideas, and experiences.

The Chrysalis Clubhouse has three primary focus areas:

  • Career Development: supports vocational, educational, and employment goals
  • Wellness: builds skills around healthy eating, movement and gardening
  • Communications: promotes digital literacy, written and verbal communication, self-advocacy

Staff and members of the Clubhouses are referred to as colleagues and work side by side to develop programming that supports meaningful work and meaningful relationships. The Chrysalis Clubhouse formed in 2020 and is a proud member of Clubhouse International, an organization that helps support Clubhouse development around the world.

Chrysalis Clubhouse Chronicles

Member Quotes

“I enjoy helping people and putting my skills to use.”

– Tina Turvey

“To me, the Chrysalis Clubhouse is an inviting, fun and supportive environment that provides structure to my day.”

– Brent McCoy

“The Chrysalis Clubhouse has helped me to heal and accepted me as I am.”

– Erik Pettersen

Get Connected

The Chrysalis Clubhouse is currently open two days a week (Tuesday and Friday from 8:30 – 3:00pm) with plans to expand as our membership grows. We come together in-person at the Chrysalis offices (1342 Dewey Court). There are also virtually ways to participate. At this time the primary funding source for the Clubhouse is Comprehensive Community Services and CCF. To learn more about how to connect the Chrysalis Clubhouse please contact Kathy Ziegert at 608-256-3102 or