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Journey hosts peer-led training about peer support roles in Wisconsin

By Riley Hays, Case Manager and Certified Peer Specialist, Forward Solutions CSP On February 24, Community Support Programs (CSPs) attended a two-hour training called “The Role of Certified Peer Specialists: A Training for Non-Peer Specialists,” designed to demystify peer support at Journey.  Organized and led by peer professionals, Tara Wilhelmi of the Black-owned grassroots recovery […]

My Big Share Reflection

By Kurt Stapleton This year, Chrysalis hosted its first-ever Big Share Storytelling event. We had people in the community, staff members, and people utilizing the services here share their stories of hope, healing, and wellness. The weeks leading up to this event were exciting, with a little stress, a little anxiety, and a lot of […]

2022: A Year in Review

By Dani Rischall, Chrysalis Executive Director 2022 definitely threw us some curveballs. With the incredible support of our staff, board, participants, and community we were able to close out the year strong. This past year we really focused on our workplace wellness efforts and practices of community care. Through our current programming we fostered new […]

Mental Health and Employment: Workplace Accommodations

By Andrew Lopez I’ve known about the Americans With Disabilities Act for quite some time but didn’t think it applied to me with my mental health difficulties. It wasn’t until I reached my 30s that I realized that mental health diagnosis his account as federal really recognized disabilities. This is important because it means that […]

My Experience with S.A.D.

By Andrew Lopez Seasonal affective disorder is a condition that affects many people. What it means is that an affected individual will feel increased mental health symptoms including things like anxiety and depression during a particular season. While this is most commonly associated with winter it can be other seasons as well. In my case […]

Employability and Mental Health

By Kurt Stapleton For my Sociology class: Race and Minority Groups, we were asked to pick a “private problem” and  briefly describe the following: -What factors/evidence would you use to explain how and why it may reflect a structural problem in society?-What are some potential solutions to this problem, both for the individual and the group […]

Voting Q&A

By Amy and Erik November 8th, 2022 is ELECTION DAY! Voting can be a confusing and sometimes intimidating experience. Clubhouse Member Erik and Chrysalis Staff Person Amy Y teamed up to answer some common voting questions! Both Amy and Erik have worked the polls on Election Days and hope to provide some guidance and support […]

Chrysalis Matters

By Cody Vogel Ladies and Gentlemen, there have been many words to describe this place……… Community, Teamwork, Growth, Support, Care, Friendship, Even better, A Family. Everyone that walks in the door has something that drives them, pushes them to heal, recover, and continue fighting through their own symptoms of stress. Each and everyone of us […]