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Juneteenth: A Celebration of Freedom from Slavery

By Michael Kile-Rasmussen June 19,1865, was the original Juneteenth celebration. It originated from the date on which the last slaves found out they were free – following the Civil War, in Galveston Texas. June 19th is the Emancipation Day after 400 years of slavery in the southern states. Slavery was the institution which made the […]

Chrysalis Organizational Transformation & Tree

By Dani Rischall With an agency name like “Chrysalis” it is no surprise that there is a large emphasis placed on supporting growth, transformation, and change throughout the organization. This value is mirrored in the work we do in the community, and the important role we have in walking alongside people in their vocational, mental […]

Clubhouse WORKS

By Alysha Clark The chatter had been circling the Chrysalis Clubhouse for months. Cody Vogel- a two year colleague of the Clubhouse wanted to race in the 11th Annual Moving for Mental Health along with 120 other people in the community. His dream was to get the fastest time. To prepare, Cody raced Chrysalis Clubhouse […]


By Cody Vogel An event that happens only once a year, which is held by Chrysalis, located at Tenney Park. This event is a Fundraiser to fight against mental stigma and is to bring our community together and cheer on those who participate in either a 1 Mile or a 5k(3 Mile)walk/run. For me, last […]

Holding Hope: Donate to The Big Share to support Chrysalis

By Chris Kittoe, Employment Specialist at Chrysalis I couldn’t be more proud or grateful to be part of the Chrysalis community as an Employment Specialist.  As a newer member of the Chrysalis team, I can’t overstate how incredible it feels to have joined such a unique and diverse team that is so adherent to guiding […]

My New Voice in the Mental Health World

Written by Amber Nelson, Consumer Advisory Committee Member There is a big stigma about mental health in this world and it is very sad that people can’t accept that people have different challenges like past trauma, getting super anxious or struggling in many different ways. It is sad to see that a lot of people […]

Winter Solstice

By Julia Slotnick Last week, I walked by Tenney Park and noticed the wind off the lake at sunset, right after my work day, savored the light. I feel like the winter solstice is one of the most hopeful days of the year and yet the darkest. Life can be like that too, I guess. […]