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Celebrating 10 Years of Moving for Mental Health

A Q&A with Executive Director Dani Rischall Q: How did Moving for Mental Health get started? A: Ten years ago I was just starting my job as Executive Director at Chrysalis and quickly realized I could use some additional support in my role. I signed up for a Nonprofit Management Course at Madison College. The […]

International Women’s Month

By the women of the Chrysalis blog writing group Each March we celebrate International Women’s Month. This month-long recognition reminds us to highlight women’s achievements and continue to discuss women’s empowerment and gender equality commitments. This month, and the 11 other months of the year, Chrysalis celebrates ALL women–especially Black women, women of color, queer […]

Let’s Talk About It

By Alysha Clark & Eric Peterson In the Thursday, March 26th Chrysalis Staff meeting, we discussed the “Let’s Talk About It” book that seeks to preserve protest that was created in Madison as a response to the murder of George Floyd.  This book opened the door for Chrysalis Staff to create their own response art […]

Sharing Big in The Big Share

By Jenny King Chrysalis participated in the Community Shares of Wisconsin Big Share fundraising event on Tuesday, March 2nd.  We started out with a goal of raising $6,000 for our #AntiStigma Programs and by 10am had exceeded that goal ended up with a total of $10,813!  Read below to hear some feedback about the event, […]

Black History Month: Centering Black Mental Health

A Q&A with Tara Wilhelmi Q: What brought you to the field of Mental Health?  A: I have always had a “counselors heart”.  Even as a youth I often played the role of conflict mediator.  Talking with new people, having brave and authentic conversations has always come naturally to me.  In 2018 I was invited […]

My Valen-Time

By Darby Gregersen and Hilleary Reinhardt Many of us this month will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and if you are a fan of Parks and Recreation, you have probably adopted some form of Leslie Knope’s “Galentine’s Day” into your traditions. So often in February we focus on our relationships with others. While our relationships with […]

What’s in a Name?!?

By Mike Rasumussen and Kathy Ziegert We are delighted to formally announce the name of our new Clubhouse! Drum roll, please…Chrysalis Clubhouse! While this name may seem obvious, it actually took a considerable amount of time and discussion to come to this decision. Consensus model decision making is a hallmark feature of the Clubhouse model. […]

My role as a peer support specialist.

By Kurt Stapleton The peer support role takes on many shapes. You are a trusted confidant, a safe place, a mentor, a listener, a resource, a last hope… I never envisioned myself to be in this role, yet I am here today and I am loving it. My journey began many years ago and I […]