My New Voice in the Mental Health World

Written by Amber Nelson, Consumer Advisory Committee Member

There is a big stigma about mental health in this world and it is very sad that people can’t accept that people have different challenges like past trauma, getting super anxious or struggling in many different ways. It is sad to see that a lot of people don’t accept it. It makes it harder for people to recover and be great members of society. They are like everyone else, they are humans as well. I wish people would accept it and treat us just like everyone else and accept that we have things going on and stop saying it’s just in our heads. 

So much of mental health also has to do with our physical health and overall well being. For Example if I don’t get out of bed or make food or drink something or take my meds or go for a walk I can definitely tell I’m not doing well not only physically but mentally as well. It is very important especially for people with mental health challenges to take care of not only our minds but also our bodies. It takes a lot for someone with mental health challenges to even do simple daily tasks especially when we aren’t doing well so if someone you see isn’t doing stuff and is just laying around maybe check in and see maybe if they are just mentally struggling not everyone is just lazy by choice some people are struggling. So please if anyone you know who has a mental health diagnosis please don’t tell them it’s in their head and try to understand and learn what they go through and learn ways to help them. Please lets stand together and end mental health stigma and stigma overall.