Chrysalis Clubhouse: Rooted/Troy Garden Partnership

Hi! My name is Brent and I’m Shoua. We are Chrysalis Clubhouse colleagues. We are so happy to have this opportunity to share our Rooted-Troy Garden Partnership experience with you. 

What was the first day like for you? 

  • Brent: I haven’t been in a garden this year so the first day at Rooted felt tedious but enjoyable. He stepped on a piece of broken glass on his first day! That was quite an adventure! 
  • Shoua: I was so excited and anxious at the same time for my first shift at Rooted. I went there early and just waited anxiously in my car for the big tour from KZ!  I met up with Brent afterward and we spent our morning pulling GARLIC. It was so relaxing and much fun! 

What made you decide to come back?

  • Brent: I decided to continue to volunteer because it needed to be done. It’s very beneficial to the Clubhouse. 
  • Shoua: I like gardening. I believe gardening improves mood and can improve many aspects of our mental and health. Additionally, this partnership gives me a chance to represent Chrysalis and I’m grateful for that.?

What do you like about the garden most?

  • Brent: Harvesting. I love to harvest vegetables.
  • Shoua: The relationships. 

What tasks do you perform at the gardens?

  • So far we’ve done weeding, trellised tomatoes and harvesting. We harvested cabbages, garlic, green onions, and kohlrabi just to name a few. Brent is the only one that’s done planting. He planted herbs. 

Would you recommend Rooted Garden to other Colleagues and Why?

  • Brent: Yes, It helps you realize the work that goes into growing and harvesting the vegetables you buy in stores.
  • Shoua: I would recommend other colleagues to give Root a try. It’s a good way to build relationships in the community. And again, there are just so many benefits to gardening. It helps me to meet my goal of staying active and eating healthy. 

We hope to continue our partnership with Rooted for many seasons to come!