Experience with Pops

By Tina Turvey

Three years ago I had an exciting and beneficial experience–the making and selling organically made frozen treats known as chrysalis pops. The chrysalis pops venture is meant to give vocational skills to people from mental health diagnoses.

It did so, and so much more. Along with learning to be proficient in the job role, I developed social skills and confidence. Being overly shy in public has been a challenge for me for years. Practicing sales I learned to not to be as fearful of people. People I learned are just people–and I was filling a need to provide them with a cold treat in a hot Wisconsin summer.

I am grateful for the experience and I look forward to other occupational experiences to add on to what I learned when selling pops. I have gained relationships and skills. Wandering through the food co-ops I still make a point to go to the frozen section to find the pops and savor them in the current summer heat. I love to reminisce over pops memories while enjoying my favorite flavors.

I would recommend this experience to anyone and sincerely hope others will try a chrysalis pop this summer–you won’t forget it. My favorite flavor, “cucumber mint” will definitely not disappoint.