Chrysalis Clubhouse Welcomes Clubhouse International Guest

By Cody Vogel and KZ

In our effort towards eventual accreditation, the Chrysalis Clubhouse invited Clubhouse International guest, Jack Yatsko to our Clubhouse Program meeting on April 20, 2021. Jack is the Chief Operating Officer with Clubhouse International and one of his specialties is providing support to new Clubhouse start ups, like us!  Jack joined the meeting virtually, as he lives in Hawaii. Clubhouse member, Cody Vogel, gave Jack a heartfelt overview of our Clubhouse journey thus far. We then gave Jack a virtual tour of our space and asked questions about Clubhouse International. 

Hi my name is Cody and with me today are my Chrysalis Clubhouse colleagues and we are happy to have you joining us today, Jack. The Chrysalis Clubhouse has been around for a year now. Ever since starting our clubhouse COVID has played a major factor with being able to see one another in person and being able to have in person social events. With COVID around we have also had to join zoom meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays which for me and others in the clubhouse isn’t what we prefer to do. It is what we need to do to prevent any spread of COVID.

The Chrysalis Clubhouse is a place where anybody is welcome and where nobody judges or gets criticized for their opinion. This clubhouse is a place where you can get support from not only the staff at Chrysalis but also from the members of the Chrysalis Clubhouse. Another way the Chrysalis Clubhouse can support you is through career development, meaning that if you want to work or are working or even want help with school the Chrysalis Clubhouse members and staff will provide their guidance or knowledge to help one another.

Another way the Chrysalis Clubhouse helps people is with a person’s wellness–and when I say helps I mean the members or staff will give their best advice and best support for any member. The Chrysalis Clubhouse wants every member to feel and have the support they need. With this support we also want people and the members to come to the Chrysalis Clubhouse through our zoom meetings or get emails about the clubhouse to be able to attend our meetings.

Now Chrysalis allows people and members to come in person while we still do COVID procedures like cleaning surfaces, taking temperatures, staying 6 feet apart, and wearing masks. I hope you see how much the Chrysalis Clubhouse is important to each member and how we want to become something much bigger. Thank you, Jack!

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As if this day wasn’t exciting enough, following our Program meeting, we held a wellness event at a nearby park, where colleagues Cody and kz finally learned who was faster. Cody’s shirt says it all about the outcome of this race.