Let’s Talk About It

By Alysha Clark & Eric Peterson

In the Thursday, March 26th Chrysalis Staff meeting, we discussed the “Let’s Talk About It” book that seeks to preserve protest that was created in Madison as a response to the murder of George Floyd.  This book opened the door for Chrysalis Staff to create their own response art after watching videos that highlighted the recent acts of hate, stemmed from racism and misogyny, against the Asian American Community.  Here are some words from Vocational Peer Specialist Eric, as he went through this process. 

 “Invisibilize; eyes made invisible, that not seen is not known in our shutdown lockdown breakdown we become aware of both our humanity and also how separated we are by modern culture/modern nature into our cubicle lives–for a vast global culture, modern man is still separated by the original fears.  Made more evident, painfully clear by this pandemic of isolation, we see everything on our digitized screens as we all see our lonely disconnect selves along side, crying inside to be released and join the multitudes out in the sun….one day soon, to reach for a new idea..to indivisibilize…” -Eric Peterson