My Valen-Time

By Darby Gregersen and Hilleary Reinhardt

Many of us this month will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and if you are a fan of Parks and Recreation, you have probably adopted some form of Leslie Knope’s “Galentine’s Day” into your traditions. So often in February we focus on our relationships with others. While our relationships with our partners, friends, family, and loved ones are important, it is also crucial to show ourselves love during the month of February.

February can be a difficult month. February brings below zero temperatures to Wisconsin, limited daylight, and lack of desire to bundle up and leave your warm home. February 2021 also marks a full year of the COVID19 pandemic and all the emotional, financial and physical stressors that have come with it.

This February, we hope you dedicate [Valen-]time to recommit to yourself. Show yourself the love and care that you show to others. This looks different for all of us. Your self love will look different than the self love your friend practices and that is okay–this is your [Valen-]time to do what your mind and body needs. If you are having a hard time thinking of ways to practice your own self love, the crossword puzzle above has some great examples!

We hope this month you can begin to recommit to yourself, take [Valen-]time, and show yourself the love it deserves.