What’s in a Name?!?

By Mike Rasumussen and Kathy Ziegert

We are delighted to formally announce the name of our new Clubhouse! Drum roll, please…Chrysalis Clubhouse!

While this name may seem obvious, it actually took a considerable amount of time and discussion to come to this decision. Consensus model decision making is a hallmark feature of the Clubhouse model. While it may be faster and easier to vote, Clubhouse communities use consensus in order to take the time to respectfully hear every person’s opinion. Taking the time to listen to other points of view develops relationships and understanding among Clubhouse colleagues. While a decision may not be everyone’s first choice, consensus generally means everyone’s voice was heard and everyone can “live with” the decision at hand.

During our Clubhouse program meetings in the fall of 2020, we talked about the need to name our Clubhouse. Thanks to our supporters within the larger Chrysalis community, we had a very creative list of around 30 possible names. We narrowed the names down to 10 by developing and using a survey via Survey Monkey. It was important to us to check availability of domain names so as not to inadvertently use a trademarked name. After these steps we decided to evaluate the overlap of the top 3 names for Clubhouse and we came up with the following: Cultivate Clubhouse, Collective Clubhouse, and Chrysalis Clubhouse. There was significant overlap and support among using the Chrysalis Clubhouse name. We came to consensus to move forward with discussing pros and cons of this name. Colleagues  mentioned the following pros: simple, descriptive, succinct name, alliterative, “I can visualize it”, “Chrysalis has a good reputation in our community”. The only con mentioned was around working to both be a program of Chrysalis while also having a distinct identity.

We worked with Chrysalis executive team, Dani and Alysha, who helped us to purchase the domain name, ChrysalisClubhouse.org and set up a sub-domain under the Chrysalis G-suite account. This will allow us to have shared access to Clubhouse documents while building our virtual Clubhouse community. Now we just have to get the word out about our name, which is the purpose of this blog. Thanks for taking the time to read it. We hope you learned a little something about how things work in the Clubhouse world.