Learning About Your Mental Health Through The Holiday Season

By Candace Berger

For this Blog, I interviewed a couple of people for the Holiday Season. Hopefully you will get inspired and learn about maybe your mental health through these two individuals. The first one I chose to interview was Kurt Stapleton. He is an employee with Chrysalis and has insight into his mental health. The second one I chose to interview was Hilleary Reinhardt. She is also an employee with Chrysalis and has insight into her mental health in this pandemic time. Both gave me great mental health answers to the questions I asked.

Kurt Stapleton- “I am currently talking to my service provider about having a certain mental health issue and to start treatment, whether that be medication or therapy. Part of my mental health is that I am currently exercising more. Exercise has really helped my mental health and I get outside almost everyday to exercise. After talking with my service provider again and being diagnosed with a certain mental heath issue, I was relieved. Also I was surprised. I never thought that I had a mental health issue because I didn’t have the “typical” symptoms most people associate with the mental health issue that I have. I finally had an answer to a question I had for many years and I can get the treatment I’ve needed for a long time. So, I felt very relieved.”

Hilleary Reinhardt- “Traditionally for me, the Holiday Season is a time of excitement as I gather with loved ones. However, due to the pandemic, this year looks a little different. Knowing that I will be spending time alone, away from friends and family, has taken an emotional toll on me. As I think about not being able to hug my nephew and gather around the table with my family, I am hit with an overwhelming sadness. While I have experienced an increase in hopelessness, empty feelings, and fatigue during this Holiday Season, I have also learned a great amount about myself and how to care for my mental health. All of the tools that I have learned through my experiences, therapy, and relying on my community have allowed me to work through many of the intense emotions I have experienced this Holiday Season.”

I hope these two individuals gave you some insight into what goes on during this Holiday Season for this 2020 year and that you learn something new that will help you. May your days be filled with love and kindness and a wonderful Holiday Season despite the pandemic.

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