Vocational Peer Support

By Alysha Clark

Throughout this Pandemic, you may have experienced a time when you broke down, experiencing a very dark moment.  When you were able to share this with another person, they saw you….the whole you and didn’t try to fix it but rather listened and sat with you in your pain.

If you have experienced this in the pandemic, you have experienced the beauty and wholeness of Peer Support.  Here are some Chrysalis Vocational Peer Specialists describing why peer support is SO important:

“It is so strong and good role modeling to share and speak out.  The real strength is shouting down the silence just by your example.” – Eric

“When people feel heard they begin to heal.” – Jenny

“Having someone to listen to them makes all the difference” Andrew

Vocational Peer Support is a vital part of Chrysalis services and nearing the end of 2020, the VPS team came together to redefine what peer support is to Chrysalis- on our website.  Please take a moment to read our new description, our hope is that you are able to better understand peer support and advocate for this vital service in our community.

Vocational Peer Support Program Description