The Awesomeness of Autumn

By Scooter Killary and Colleen O’Brien

This time of year has so many opportunities to look out and enjoy the views.  We were reflecting on our favorite parts of the season and felt inspired to share some things that give us happiness. Looking around at all the signs of the season, makes us feel connected to nature, our neighbors, and something bigger than ourselves and our worries.

Looking at Halloween decorations reminds us of when we were children doing parties, costumes, and trick-or-treating.  One memory is grabbing an orange balloon and using the static to make it stick to the wall. When we decorate for Halloween we feel a sense of connection to the past through these traditions.

As we enter November, we are enjoying the crisp air and the yellow, gold, and brown leaves. What a great time to go out to the country to see beautiful horses; the color combination really stands out against the backdrop of Autumn. Even in the city, you will see squirrels foraging and hiding nuts for the winter.

When we go outside for a walk and see the sights, we feel connected to our  community and nature. Making new memories and enjoying the season can get us out of bed in the morning and give us hope to make it through tough times.