Creativity During Covid

By Jenny King

Since being in quarantine I have been finding stress relief in making art, whether I am painting, collaging or coloring in my coloring book. One thing I continue to do is explore my creativity through a recovery lens. I am following a workbook called The Artist’s Way, it gives tools that artists can use to unblock their creativity and heal some of the barriers that exist in the process of making art. One thing I have always struggled with when making art is the inner critic, this doesn’t just exist in my head with my art but can spill over into other areas of my life. The inner critic can keep me from making art or thinking my art isn’t good enough. The inner critic takes
the joy and surprise out of creativity. My life lesson has been to paint for painting’s sake. Years ago when I was having a difficult time and not painting I heard my inner voice say “If I can paint, I can heal”. This healing art journey has been an important part of my recovery. Giving myself permission to paint and make art without perfectionism is something I’m still working on. The more I paint the more I want to paint and I have been using affirmations to redirect the inner critic. When the stress of Covid creeps in, I have a canvas I go to and I just start working on it. It’s my covid canvas, my time to tune into something that gives me hope and brings joy.