Different Types of Exercises That Help

By Candace Berger

There are different types of exercises that I would like to share with you that has helped me feel good and possibly help to get you feeling good. But before you do any of these exercises, be sure to ask your doctor if you can do them in your routine.

You could go for walking long distances from 0.5 miles to several miles. This gets your heart rate up and running for a while and will sure be pumping it. Try to do it at least every other day just to get that good feeling and to decrease anxiety. I use this myself to help feeling good and to decrease anxiety.

Another exercise that can be done is going up and down the stairs. Hopefully where you live you could use the stairs there to get a good workout and I do say that this will give you a serious workout.

If you are a pack rat, organize your space and this will give you a workout with bending, walking and lifting. If you have trouble with it ask someone to help you if you have a friend or relative that would be willing to help.

There is another type of exercise that would calm the nerves and make you a little stronger. It is called Tai Chi. It is very slow movements and involving deep breathing with the movements. You can do it with Youtube Tai Chi videos. Just type in Tai Chi in the search bar of Youtube and you get videos from beginners to more experienced styles.

Working on a garden outside somewhere like a community garden would help with exercise too. You could volunteer your time with a local church or a local food pantry that has a garden which would help with exercise. Just be sure to wear a mask and some gloves just so that you don’t suck in some unwanted dust or germ. There is also “Chrysalis pops” you could apply for if they have it this spring on into September.

During the Winter, you could always go to a park and walk on the sidewalks or snow shoeing in the snow at the UW Arboretum. I know it is hard during the winter to go outside because of the chilly air but it is much nicer to go out when it starts to snow or when the sun is out. Also, there is skating on ice and skiing that is always fun too.

Well I hope that these exercises will help with your mood and help you to feel calmer.