Chrysalis Statement on Anti-Racism

The Chrysalis community is mourning the death and suffering of so many black and brown individuals who have lost their lives at the hands of racism. We recognize that racism lies both in blatantly violent actions and in everyday encounters and policies. We acknowledge that we as a country need to do better. We say this in solidarity, and we humbly direct your attention to the voices and actions of our black community leaders. 

Black Lives Matter.

We also know that as community mental health service providers we have a role. We must name injustices and work to create a more inclusive and equitable community. We must acknowledge that we can both work within a system and work to change the system. We must truly embody co-liberation, celebrate intersectionality and recognize that the Chrysalis values of hope, healing and wellness are just as important in the racial justice movement as they are in mental health recovery. 

We will continue this work to engage in dialogue and action with the support of the Chrysalis Change Team, the Consumer Advisory Committee, and our community. We will continue to practice vulnerability, humility, and acknowledge we will make mistakes along the way. This statement is one step. Our work is ongoing. 

In Solidarity,