Hats off to our essential workers!

By Jean Bissell

A month ago I shopped at a very large grocery store at 6 a.m. for seniors and the immunocompromised.  I put on my mask and brought  my hand sanitizer convinced there would be a small crowd as it was very early in the morning.  What I found was a full parking lot with many masked older adults lined up to get in.  The store was intensely busy with very little social distancing.  It was a scary and surreal experience walking as quickly as possible while playing dodgeball  with other carts.  After I finished shopping, I stood in a long line to check out, and was pleased that it took only 15 minutes to check out.  This experience made me appreciate and respect the front line employees who face these types of working conditions on a day to day basis.  What courage and strength it takes for them, or any other essential worker,to go to work.  Without them we couldn’t get the services we need.   For now, I order what I need online, but still take a moment to thank the human power that goes into getting the package to my door.  All I can say is bravo and I don’t know what we do without you!