Seed to Sales: Marketing

By Ron Roberts

Picture of Chrysalis Pops Flavors Summer 2019

This year, Chrysalis Pops added a new dimension to the process. They invited myself and one other person to join them in finding new ways to promote Pops. 

We explored a wide variety of marketing tools. We attended marketing meetings in some very upscale meeting rooms, and we learned and contributed some very useful knowledge. We went on “field trips” to several places. we took photos in front of graffiti walls and other interesting places that would look good with the Pops.

We visited Willy Street Co-Op to see the placement of the product. We thought of better ways to use that real estate and make the product and message better known. We studied products by other makers and asked ourselves what worked or didn’t work. Comparing our Pops to other brands was very helpful.

We met many times at Chrysalis to brainstorm ideas. We used the overhead projector to look at our web pages and other sites showing our product. Twice, outside professionals in the field voluntarily came to teach us useful marketing tools. 

All-in-all, it’s been a fascinating experience for me! I am amazed at how much variety we experienced, and how we’ve further grown the success of Chrysalis Pops!