Seed to Sales: Kitchen

By Ron Roberts

After visiting the local gardens where most of Chrysalis Pops ingredients are grown, the next logical visit was to the local commercial-grade kitchen where the pops are actually made. I talked to a couple more of Pops’ employees and learned of yet another great local business relationship with Chrysalis.

The FEED Kitchens on Madison’s north side are about as young as Pops (5 years). That’s just in time to provide the professional, yet temporary work-space needed to produce the Chrysalis Pops. FEED is helping numerous beginning entrepreneurs get off the ground! 

There’s stainless steel everywhere, and the stove looks like it probably cost $20-30 grand. Employees brought out the needed supplies: virtually all organic ingredients and an array of stainless steel equipment. I was amazed at how much pure, organic cream was used to make the Sweet Corn pops. Only the best ingredients are used, and every ingredient is used to its fullest potential. Nothing is wasted! After the kernels are removed, the cobs (the part the rest of us throw away) are simmered in the pot with the simple syrup as it is made. What a great way to instill more flavor! 

Every step in making the Pops is done by hand. No factory robots anywhere! I took several pics to quickly document this.

Both employees/consumers of Chrysalis’ services shared similar experiences and thoughts with me. The opportunity has given them a foot-in-the-door to work, boosted self-confidence, and created some lasting memories of making pops, not to mention putting some extra money into their lives. They would both recommend Pops to other peeps with similar needs. Cassidy plans on finding more permanent work after the Pops season ends, while Ramsey sets his goal on college. Everything seems to be win-win+ for everyone involved here!