Chrysalis Pops Leads the Way

By Ron Roberts

Hi. I am Ron Roberts and I had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a podcast, Lead the Way with Anna Gouker, on behalf of Chrysalis Pops.

Anna Gouker’s podcast aims to find effective ways of creating change and inclusion in our communities. Pops was a good fit for one of her podcasts because Chrysalis works to break down employment barriers, building confidence, and emphasizes work as a big part of recovery for its consumers. 

Chrysalis Pops began 3 ½ years ago, founded on the belief that it was a great addition to the community because it helped place even more peeps in jobs. Employment opportunities are a core of the POPS social enterprise, empowering peeps and giving them a different way to engage with their community. Connections in the community are a big help with POPS.

I am most impressed with the relationships and partnerships Chrysalis forms with other people and places. So much more can be accomplished this way, and it’s nice to make new friends in general. Doing the podcast is a great example of this. It is one new connection for Chrysalis and Pops! Relationships are connections, and it’s like building something strong out of many individual pieces. The total sum is much stronger than the pieces.