by Linda Hansen and Alysha Clark

Peer Specialist, Matthew, and peer, Franklin, high five while playing soccer.

Integrity means being honest, being true to yourself, and comes with compassion. Chrysalis Vocational Peer Specialist, Matthew Strickland, shares what integrity means to him.

“Integrity means listening to your inner voice and aligning your actions and intentions. People can show integrity by sharing what they feel is valuable to them. I try to relate to people where they are in their recovery, and integrate my own recovery with sharing their journey. This promotes wellness, and supports them moving forward with their goals.  While working in the community I ask myself if I am aligning with both focus, and intention when I relate to the clients I am meeting with.”

Franklin, a person receiving services for Peer Support, describes Integrity as, “appreciating people for who they are, and by being polite and saying please and thank you.” Franklin feels that his Peer Specialist Matthew shows integrity by being on time and honoring what Franklin would like to do that day.  

Franklin’s only feedback is that he would like to see Matthew more often!